Seeker Controlling Momentum, Stops to Feed Dogs

I had a lovely, peaceful day yesterday sewing on my sunporch while the spouse finished a mystery book. We had lunch out there and puttered around reading and drinking tea, eventually landing in the cool basement when it got too hot. Taking the opportunity of being by the computer, I scanned in my two new decks and finally got them in the database.

I am about to hustle into the busy train station know as Morning Pet Feeding, but thought I’d just pull a card, and right on top of the pile is:



Yes folks, it’s Mr. Harum Scarum, a guy who pops up for me quite frequently. Dashing off so quickly that he is leaving a feather in his wake. A Peregrine Falcon can let that speed get away, so it is good to think of controlled momentum with this chap, otherwise he zooms into buildings at the speed of 200 miles per hour.

See clearly, fly high, control momentum. Feed dogs and cats you encounter throughout the day.



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