Fossilized Ratty Uses a New Deck

I tried to have a nap yesterday, but the mind churned on and I got up and started trying to hang pictures from my Dad’s home and rearrange some older pictures in my bedroom. Oh boy, once you start….I have so many framed pictures now that my bedroom is starting to look like the Barnes exhibit. Which is not a bad thing.

And then I got to thinking about taking an old picture out of a frame and replacing it by doing up a watercolour and coloured pencil iguana in fantasy leaves, and framing my Gecko of Jahanam from my Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot review, and finally starting that picture of the galah bird with the beetles.

It got too exciting, and I’ve only had 3 or 4 hours of sleep and I’m grinding my teeth.

My husband bought The Animal Wisdom Tarot by CICO Books for me as a gift several weeks ago, but my original copy had a gouge on one of the cards. It was disappointing as it was a gift and I just loved the art. We wrote the publisher and asked if I could get a replacement card, but I didn’t hear back for a couple of days and started to panic thinking they probably weren’t set up for doing that. So I decided to send it back to but they didn’t have any in stock so I couldn’t get a replacement. I then sent an e-mail to the publisher asking them to forget my first e-mail as I was sending it back and couldn’t get a replacement. I figured I’d just wait around for a couple of months.

The publisher offered to send me a replacement deck. Wow. I loved the artwork so much and I couldn’t get another one, so after a day of considering this I accepted their kind offer. I got the new deck and the cards are perfect, so I’m using it today. Thanks to the president and staff of Ryland Peters & Small in New York for a shoot-the-moon customer service gesture and solution to what had been a major worry for me!!!

RAT – FOUR OF FOSSILS (4 of Pentacles)


Ratty darling, are you hoarding again? He is, look at him getting his whiskers in a knot thinking that everyone’s trying to keep him from putting numerous framed pictures on his walls.

It’s okay Rat-la, you can have as many as you want honey.

I have started a new quilt top with one of those block-of-the-month groups. It hurts me to sew and paint and my fingers and sciatica hurt. I’m not sleeping, I have stomach problems keeping me up for hours.

Ratty paws his fossils and contemplates the 12 quilt tops he has stored away, plus the four he already has on-the-go, plus the two big finished quilts that he made for his Dad that were returned when Dad went into the nursing home, and wonders where the red and green one he is almost finished disappeared to. Did you hide it away in a safe place where no one could get it Ratty? This new one is going to be soft blue and green with a pop of dark blue and pink and cream and olive and red and maybe some burnt orange.


Replace that centre with the burnt orange on the right Rats, the pink and blue is too insipid.

Ratty now worries that he needs more burnt orange and a deep navy blue print for the new quilt. He goes out to the sunporch and finishes the last few seams and worries some more about fabric being $16 to $20 per meter, he does the sums in his head while contemplating background washes to iguanas. Maybe a navy blue wash with a touch of teal would look good Ratter?

Ratty likes to learn and start new projects, but Ratty never feels he has enough supplies and a full colour palette. He dreams of burnt orange prints with fossilized shapes, and maybe some navy floral linework, and framing and matting options for artwork he made and stored away.

Here’s the scoop Rat Boy: “While assets and income help us to feel safe and secure, focusing too much on material gain, or refusing to spend, thwarts creativity and joy.”

Find the red and green blocks Ratto, get the gecko illustration out, and bring them all into the light, don’t become obsessed with clinging to them or buying that burnt orange you don’t have the money for. Save up for framing at Christmas.

No wonder the poor bugger can’t sleep.




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