The Sweet Orange Day

Feeling like dying, I decide to draw a card…


Quite a nice card from the Wisdom of Trees Oracle.

My mock orange shrubs are blooming and scenting the whole garden. We are having a humid, heat wave so I can’t get out to the garden, I either get baked or eaten by mosquitoes as do the dogs. The spouse is working a different shift which leaves me lucky to see him for an hour in the morning and evening before the whole grind starts up.

Hopeless, helpless, defeated, all those things.

The Sweet Orange adds zest and sweetness to my life. The fragrance of the flowers lifts my spirits and the fruit will feed me. In this case I would reflect the negative of this card, feeling flat, bored, and listless. Actually I feel totally hopeless like there is no point in living.

So Sweet Orange says I should set myself some challenges, seek out interesting people, get involved in life-enhancing activities and get out in the fresh air.

Maybe I could start by eating an orange?

Pretty card, I shall prop it up somewhere so I get the message.



7 thoughts on “The Sweet Orange Day

  1. Oh yes! Vitamin C and that lovely sweet aroma. Or a refreshing smoothie with banana and a little sprinkle of chocolate on top. Feel better JJ.

  2. Was just thinking of oranges in tarot cards – hmmm – the Fey (or was that a peach?), the Sweet Twilight .. sounds like a citrusy card study to me 😉 When life gives you oranges .. do a comparison post, hehe.

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