Cernunnos Across Decks

Someone I met online was experiencing an epiphany about Cernunnos, and I started this study thinking I had many images of Cernunnos the Celtic horned God in my deck collection, but I only found four. I know there is one in the Druidcraft Tarot but I don’t own that.

If anyone passes by who knows or owns other decks that contain images of Cernunnos, do post about it in the comments section, thanks.

It’s interesting that in some images he is depicted much like existing statuary of the God with a rounded cap and antlers, and in others he is depicted as a sexy guy with long hair and antlers growing straight out of his head. He is often associated with the Devil, which was an attempt by Christianity to demonize an older, pagan deity. I find it disturbing to have cultural symbolism erased or white-washed like that.








In any case he’s rather dangerous like many Gods, but not unapproachable I would think.




2 thoughts on “Cernunnos Across Decks

  1. Yes, those colours are great. I admit to being a fan of the rather Pan-like Cernunnos in the Legend deck. (Hangs head, walks off stage…)

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