Veiled Mystery

Draw June 13th, 2013

I have noticed this year that I am missing days on this “Daily” blog. It’s not that I care for my cards less, it’s that I care less for talking in general, and feel I’ve become trapped in talking about my health, over and over again. That feels defeating as I grind on about the same thing repeatedly.

So instead of calling this Photon Stimulus: A Daily Card Study of Sorts I am renaming it Photon Stimulus: A Card Study of Sorts. There is something very freeing about that, to leave it open like that without a schedule.

To clarify, I drew a card from Tarot of the Imagination.


“La Luna” we howl into the sky….


The woman has veiled herself, deepened the mystery of reach. Obscurity and gauzy perception, the safety of the land between night and day, with just enough light to see.

One might say, in looking at her buttocks, that she was releasing the need to be anal retentive about details and outlines of form, preferring to wrap herself in the half light with the feel of tender mist on her face, the splash of water on hot, tired feet.

It’s a journey to balance, between hot and cool and dark and bright. The moon has a cycle, it waxes and wanes in the sky, depending where and when you see it. It’s always there but the illusion that it’s not is strong sometimes. I am in a cycle for sure, not seeing clearly but going somewhere, forward, away from the past, in a new phase.

I feel a real pull toward drawing and painting, like a tide pulling, the pull of the moon. Time to find the vision, to perceive and run under the moon’s delicate light.

Time to get back to architecture too.



2 thoughts on “Veiled Mystery

  1. Really lovely post!

    Nice ass. Hahaa…sorry. I definitely need to do what this image suggests–cast off my self-consciousness and fears that the moon/dark taps into, and just try to be in the moment and get into the sensations of the world.


    • Don’t you find that having several decks and then getting an odd image like this can often bring up responses you would never have thought of with an archetype?

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