Linden Flowers of Peaceful Radiance

Daily Draw June 5th, 2013

I received the Wisdom of Trees Oracle yesterday so that’s what I’m using today. I haven’t seen anyone else show the back of the card, so I took a scan for people to see what that’s like. I like the way she’s done it, or rather the illustrator has done it, since the artwork seems to have been commissioned by the publisher and is credited to Meraylah Allwood rather than the author, Jane Struthers. I wish publishers would give more credit to the illustrator rather than hiding it on the copyright page.




I have a Linden tree in my garden here because we had one in my childhood home and I used to press leaves from this tree when I was young. It holds happy memories for me. I didn’t realize until about four years ago that they are called lime trees in Europe. I was reading about a boulevard in France or Germany lined with lime trees and looked it up. I’m not sure how these became known as limes as they don’t have fruits, it’s one of those anomalies in nomenclature.

This is about peace and feeling peaceful when you find life too hectic and demanding. Go outside and see nature (hug your Linden tree?) Tea made from Linden calms and soothes nerves and digestive problems. The author cites devas and nature spirits and mentions Findhorn, among other places where nature spirits are invoked. The heart-shaped leaves of the tree are an affectionate reminder from the deva of the tree to send out love and peacefulness.

I had a rotten day yesterday and sat around reading my biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth and eating starchy food. One of THOSE days. I am feeling somewhat better, but only just, so it’s back to Alice today and some more restorative time in the peace of a good book. I ordered an art book and a deck of cards, simply because I felt I deserved something nice after such a horrible day. I am also taking extra vitamins today in case a lack of something set it off, I don’t know. I haven’t had a day like that for months, it was quite uncomfortable.



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