Floaty Dog Day

Daily Draw June 3rd, 2013

From the Dream Inspirational Cards by Lo Scarabeo:

43 – SNOW
16 – DOG


The first fellow, scanning his way ahead with binoculars, seems to have a lot of hidden figures around him. Has he lost his way and can’t see the figures waiting to guide him? He’s looking ahead but maybe is ignoring the help around him, thinking he’s all alone, adrift in the snowy landscape, when that’s not the case. They might have messages and good news.

The second man is definitely being led off the path by his dogs, dogs are creatures that always smell fun in the air. Dare he follow?

We spent all day yesterday scrubbing and painting the sunporch. I made us a rhubarb crumble with fresh rhubarb from the garden as a reward. We didn’t quite finish the first coat but will do that this morning. Our car is going in for servicing which is always a worry and expense. I am pretty sore and achy so will have to rest today, but I feel like I was able to accomplish something. It was work but it was fun too, almost as if I could keep up for a change.

I shall be floating today during a respite. Let’s hope for some good news.




2 thoughts on “Floaty Dog Day

  1. What unusual cards! I love it. I am assuming these are very non-traditional from the looks of it.

    That rhubarb crumble sounds great. I’m trying to cook low/no-grain and low sugar (blah–boring but helpful), so I’d love to find a recipe that uses rhubarb for this. I could use glycerine and stevia and a little honey, and almond and coconut flours for the top. I do still eat some grains, but I’m gradually cutting them back. I hope it helps me gradually lose weight.

    Oh man…i feel SO tired today. That’s what I get for staying up late and then my daughter waking me before 6am…


    • I have had to resort to using Gravol for sleeping Hannah. I am hoping it will eventually reset my brain to sleep on its own. It wears you out and I know with your daughter you need a lot of energy.

      One of the things I like about crumble is the rolled oats in the crumble part. You could use stevia or agave or honey for sweetness. I have seen recipes that substitute unsweetened applesauce for butter.

      I find grains are okay for my weight loss as long as they are slowly digested whole grains like brown rice, steel cut oats, oat bran, millet, bulgur etc.

      I stay away from bread and white rice in particular.

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