Scary Ignition and Movement

Daily Draw May 31st, 2013

From the Javanne Tarot, a deck I really like that doesn’t get enough exposure or use. For each card there are four positional meanings, depending on which way you pull the card, which side is up. However, I usually just amalgamate all four meanings into the card meaning as I find several insights in each write-up.


(Click to enlarge image)


Freedom and moving but also a slight undertone of running away. For me, this is about our goal of moving next year and how I feel like running away from the work involved in painting and refurbishing the house. It is a bit overwhelming, particularly when I have pain, but it’s important to channel my energy into that and not get side-tracked or we will never move. I want that end goal, I need to get out of here.

The 7 of Wands ties into this a bit in that I feel like I’m standing there trying to fight the chaos. It is a battle in my mind to give things up and let them go. The trouble with control is that it allows for no flexibility and change.

Aces are about beginnings and this Ace of Wands shows a hand reaching toward light, like something has ignited.

“When you initiate a great challenge, when you put radical changes into effect, when life is difficult, when you stand powerless – have faith.”

I feel afraid of trying somatic exercises for my body, afraid of pain, or more pain, and also afraid that they won’t work and the magic solution won’t appear. So maybe a tweak at that today too, a way of changing, all part of the larger move away from here.


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