Alert to the Possibilities of Receptivity

Daily Draw May 29th, 2013

I have normalized my blood sugar and my blood pressure is still high, but not extreme like it was, plus I have a few other things going on. I mentioned trying somatics and the Bach flower essences which I am somewhat sceptical about, but one of my new sayings is: “If you don’t try, you don’t know.” I have always believed in asking my own questions and forming my own opinions and examination of evidence.

Today from the Sacred Geometry Oracle by Francene Hart:

24 – CALM WITHIN – Inner Peace
30 – MOUNTAIN MESSENGERS – Transcendence
63 – TREE VESSEL – Receptivity


Calm Within echoes my Queen of Cups card from yesterday. When many things in daily life become more than you can handle, it’s healthy to pull back and feel that calm inside yourself. After a busy month I feel this too and am quietly going about reading and tidying the house and generally keeping to myself.

I found the Mountain Messengers a bit confusing but it’s about connecting to the spirit of nature, rocks, trees and animals. There is also mention in the negative aspect of the card that you cannot deny your animal nature and you will be unfulfilled if you try to control things with the rational mind.

Keeping that in mind I go to the third card, which is about remaining open to things the Universe is trying to teach you. Become a vessel and let the wisdom stream into you. A closed or sceptical mind will keep the information from you!

Hah, there you go. I have been alerted to let the information come and give it a chance. My personalized Bach flower blend is in the mail to me and my somatics book is coming today or tomorrow.



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