The Queen, Tumbling Smack Dab Toward Centre

Daily Draw May 28th, 2013

I got some sleep last night thanks to extra strength Tylenol and some allergy pills that make me sleepy. While reading something about back pain on a somatics blog today, I realized that I DO slump at the computer and tend to lean to one side and forward. As soon as I adjusted that, my pain diminished quite a bit. Interesting, and something I haven’t paid attention to. Somatics is all about awareness of the body and how you move.



Boy, that Queen looks centred, doesn’t she? No hurly-burly of emotional angst for her, she lets those emotions come and feels them and lets them swirl around her, but she stays calm in her big cup, command central of the nervous system. Jordan refers to her superb “feeling-sense” for inner perspective and guidance. I also like the idea of self-nurturing with this, bathing in the emotion of self-care and respect.

The 7 of Cups enters the world of daydreams and pie-in-the-sky thinking. Those tumbling cups in the air can bounce around forever if you let them. It’s important to grasp one of them, one of those tumbling ideas, and use it. Choose one and work with it, that’s the key, the anchor to the ground when your imagination starts zooming all over the place.

All dreams and no action makes Jude a dull girl. I like Jordan’s thought that a great idea might blow away now but come back later at a better time, so you can choose one idea and let another one go, without feeling you’ve missed the best cup. It will bounce back again if it’s a good idea. I often feel like I have to chose the one, perfect idea, and get hung up on perfectionism, so this resonated with me.

Now this reminds me of somatics, which I explored and bought a few books on a couple of years ago. Now it’s back and Queenie feels it might be the right time to pull the idea down to earth.


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