King and Queen and Fae Support

Daily Draw May 25th, 2013

THE LOVERS AT THE FEAST – Conscious, aware eating


The first two are from The Dragon Tarot with a clarifying card from Oracle of the Dragonfae.

I felt discouraged and embarrassed last night and this morning after I was sent a wedding photo where I thought I looked like a pregnant tank. It is disrespectful to speak of myself that way but it was very disheartening.

So these cards were drawn with that in mind. The King of Cups seems to offer emotional succour to the howling wolf, and the Queen is a woman of “great resolve” according to the book. I liked that pair together.

I laughed with delight when I pulled the Dragonfae card. Could anything be more on the mark? Eat properly and consciously, with an awareness of healing foods and staying away from dairy products. I need to choose the energy I want my life infused with, and part of that is food that supports strong health.

Off to the naturopath shortly…




2 thoughts on “King and Queen and Fae Support

  1. I had a photo taken like that a few years ago. I didn’t even recognise myself in it. My friend had one taken as well, by a photographer, which now graces her father-in-laws living room. She says that she looks like one of her mad drunken aunties and has to see it every time she goes there. I know those feelings, thinking ‘God, is that how everyone saw me?’. The camera does lie sometimes. And can twist the truth.

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