Synchro Garden, Insects, and Vision

Daily Draw May 24th, 2013

Today I am using the Synchro-Signs with a specific question. I don’t usually ask questions but I was curious. I am finally back to where I was two and a half years ago when I had lost pounds. I then hurt my knees and sprained my instep on one foot and gained pounds back because of pain and injury, so now I’m back to where I was and feel I can go forward.

I want to carry on successfully because I need to leave the past behind and become me again. People who are carrying extra weight will understand this feeling of not being yourself. Plus I just can’t move and I have the beginning of blood sugar warnings and blood pressure problems, and if I don’t rectify them I’ll lead a diminished life until I die a sickly death. No way. Resolve is a great motivator.




1) Foundations – Butterfly – Transformation, Change
– gentle, gradual process
– timely changes
– quality of change is often subtle so that its necessity and importance can be overlooked
– helpful, positive sign

2) Constraints – Garden – Nurture, Care, Patience, Maintenance, Continuity
– perseverance; continued tending is needed
– continued growth
– tending requires some hardships and difficulties; thorns on rose in the centre of picture
– love and patience are the appropriate tools

3) Actions – Quake – Disruption, Randomness, Breakdown, Attack
– sometimes you don’t have control
– pesky delays and influences
– caution, take your time and plan

4) Hidden Aspects – Artistry – Creative Talent, Originality, Vision, Skill
– mastery and skill in any area that requires focused originality and purpose
– inclinations and special abilities waiting to emerge
– it may be dormant but the Artistry sign cajoles you back to the drawing board
– don’t take your skills and vision for granted, they influence others in a positive way

5) Potential – Web – Snare, Entanglement, Bother, Nuisance
– you are in danger of being trapped
– stress and the irritants of daily life
– bogging down in details
– in some cultures a spider at the centre of a web can mean that good luck is within one’s grasp.
– I also think of the spider being trapped by the food stuck around her in the web!
– or perhaps she is happy and centred with plenty around her so she doesn’t need to feel something is lacking?

I was surprised by the last two signs. I do think my creative ability has been eaten alive by weight gain and health problems, so this dormancy is something to consider counteracting.

Being snared in a web is certainly the usual potential. I do feel like I’m in imminent danger of being trapped for life. I like the idea that occurred to me about there being plenty as I think one of the reasons people eat emotionally is to fill a lack they feel. There is plenty, no need for that.

Generally this reminds me of the hawthorn tree of yesterday and needing patience, slow growth, yet dealing with irritants and small problems as a matter of course in life. No big deal but it has the potential to bog me down and get me focused on the wrong thing.

The main thing with the Butterfly is that I need to understand the necessity and importance of this transformation—I can’t dither around I need to continue on and plan to get it done, but I need patience.



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