The Hawthorn Tree Across Decks

Daily Draw May 23rd, 2013

I started this yesterday but didn’t have time to pull it all together until tonight.

Because of ordering the Wisdom of Trees Oracle, I got to thinking about trees and the Hawthorn kept popping into my mind, so I’m going to do a small study of it across decks.


Apart from the one I have on order (above), I found this tree in eight other decks.


In the Tree Affirmation Cards, it is about leaving fear behind and delighting in the innocent joy and blossoming in yourself. That little girl on the card makes you want to laugh and jump and touch trees! It is a celebration and delight in change, which is really what is going on with me lately.

The Ogham deck looks a bit more mysterious and is also about dramatic change and growth. Turbulent times can be gone through if you intuitively connect to yourself. The hawthorn berry is good for regulating blood pressure and helping your heart physically, which is also something I am working on these past few years.

I liked all the following cards because they are so botanical:


The Nature’s Pharmacy Deck mentions the heart tonic of the hawthorn fruit, as well as the thorns of the tree that can build livestock-proof hedges around pastures. Perhaps a nod to protecting yourself too against all kinds of things like fairies, and providing general protection of the home.

The Celtic Tree Oracle speaks of renewed growth and strength and also mentions the classic May poles that it decorated and its defensive, protective qualities. There is some mention of keeping to yourself, experiencing a period of restraint and keeping the focus on mental rather than physical things. Since I hurt my back this week trying to do some stretching exercises and am in pain, that sounds good. No rushing into an active phase, but having an adequate waiting period is also mentioned.

I was surprised to find the tree in The Victorian Flower Oracle, where the pruning shears and dentistry are mentioned. Sheila Hamilton writes that we go through painful but necessary experiences and duties and just have to get through them, and Hawthorn grows very slowly and lives to a great age. It also hints at a trip to the doctor which fits in with my naturopathic consultation in two days.


I don’t often use The Herbal Tarot but it has quite a few good plants. This is a demo deck from a shop I used to go to, which is why it has holes punched in it.

I often call the Six of Wands the “victory” card, but they say this victory can be tentative as you aren’t sure if it is worth expending energy on. Something a little different with that card. And the idea that if you don’t gain much, the act of going through a difficulty helps you grow or change which in the end is worth it.

More here about the calming properties of Hawthorn and its effect on high blood pressure. I do take Hawthorn for my blood pressure already so I feel this is backing me up. I will be interested to see what my blood pressure is when I go to the naturopath.

The Tree Magick deck is a gem that I don’t often see people using. Here it is about transformation and changing something extreme into its opposite, so a turning point is coming. Because of its medicinal properties she says an upsetting situation is improving, but also says to be cautious, similar to the slowing down and restraint spoken of in the other decks.

Lastly, The Green Man Tree Oracle also speaks of challenge but says that it doesn’t have to be threatening, it can simply be an opportunity to explore and test our strength. There is mention of fear again and turning that into power. I love that he mentions that your life may be in a rut and you can accept the possibility of change. I feel that so deeply this week, like I am stuck in a rut, in the fog of ennui and in a continual loop that isn’t going anywhere.

So a slow and steady progress with a bit of challenge and fear. I shall show restraint and forge on!




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