Reclaim the Primal Rock

Daily Draw May 22nd, 2013

I had the computer turned off most of the day yesterday as we had terrible thunder storms and rain, plus our contractor was here fixing a few things.

Than at night after the electricity had been off for two hours due to the storms, and came back on, I couldn’t get any pressure in the well. There is a switch that you toggle on the switch box but I couldn’t get it to work. I called the plumber but they couldn’t get out to me so we had to wait until morning. They came right away, fixed the problem, and it was a courtesy call, no charge. I felt so grateful as the last thing we need is another bill we can’t pay.

After the wedding last week I have been getting back on track with eating. Last night with all the anxiety, I just had an apple for dinner and drank lots of water so felt better today. I feel like my body is humming and has some energy.

I need some special supplements, so contacted my naturopath and she suggested a real appointment as well as picking up stuff, so I agreed. I haven’t seen her for eight months so hope we can find a way to get me to sleep better.

14 – BALANCE (Temperance)


Every time I pull out the Wildwood Tarot I realize afresh how much I like it.

What struck me today is a thought with the Balance card: being still and calm in yourself, you sometimes have to deal with parts of your psyche that you would rather not deal with, but if you deny them you can’t absorb and reclaim them. This idea of reclaiming your weaknesses hit me as I have been learning to phone and deal with problems with contractors and such. It’s not so bad, I am not helpless or weak, I can reclaim this part of my psyche. Now that’s an interesting thought.

Balance comes up for me a lot in cards.

The Ace is a lichen-stained rock which reminds me of Lorena Moore’s unusual Lichen Oracle. The Foundation of Life means you are anchored, grounded. It reminds me of a Mountain Mindfulness meditation I find useful – a mountain is solid and all kinds of tempestuous storms and weather and seasons whirl around it but it stands.

This card is about ideas and creating ideas or manifesting wishes, getting things done. The primal rock is a stable point from which to plan and empower your life.

Yup, I feel this balance and underlying power today.



2 thoughts on “Reclaim the Primal Rock

    • I figure soreness is due to inflammation. Most of my inflammation comes from poor food, bread, dairy products, stuff like that.

      I try to avoid it but we were at a wedding so impossible. I also think not getting a good night’s sleep contributes to soreness. Don,t you wish for the days when you were 16 and could sleep through anything? Ha-ha. Long gone for me!

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