The Banyan Sings and Brings Cheer

Daily Draw May 21st, 2013

My word, where did May go?

Well, it’s back to painting cupboards this week. Our contractor has to redo some tiles and cap a counter in the kitchen yet, but I can’t worry about every little thing, I’m going to forge on to paint my bedroom closet and get my mind off the nigglies.

After our frazzling month, my husband very kindly told me I could get the Wisdom of Trees Oracle as I found a copy for $15 with free shipping, so I’ve ordered that and should get it in two to three weeks. I do love my tree decks, they really cheer me up!

Here is some eye candy of trees today from that deck by Jane Struthers to cheer us all up.


I hear Steely Dan singing “Chinese music under banyan tree….”




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