Lady Scythe Tiptoes Through the Day

Daily Draw May 20th, 2013

36 – CROSS
29 – LADY


I leave the significators in this particular Lenormand deck when I shuffle it, and I’m not sure why, but here is the Lady looking very French.

Whew, after winding down after a busy week I was not expecting cards that indicated bad luck and suffering and danger or a sudden end. Endings are not always bad but given the conventional meaning of the Cross card, I am a bit wary today.

When I made the Cross card I put in some haze behind it that could either be a halo or the fog of ignorance I associate with extreme dogma. I have both a Celtic and a Christian cross depicted because I feel the clash of beliefs often part of the suffering with this card.

The two together also make me think of sharp words, differing beliefs, and the loss of friendship as well as physical danger and end. She is dancing between the two, keeping a balance and an eye out for trouble.

Maybe I should turn off the phone and stay inside? Who knows?


4 thoughts on “Lady Scythe Tiptoes Through the Day

    • It is called The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle and I made it myself. It is not available to anyone, I just printed it on my home computer.

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