No Great Insights, But Lots of Orange

Daily Draw May 18th, 2013

SIX OF DISKS (6 of Pentacles)


We had another marvelous vet bill of $230 yesterday. We were thinking that after retirement we’d always have at least one or two pets but I doubt we will be able to afford it.

This piece of art seems to depict teamwork and balance. There is a base of philanthropy to the meaning of card, but I like the idea of kindness with it, as material charity is not the only way to give to others; sometimes being kind is assistance. Giving people a hand up can mean giving of something other than money. Maybe because of overwhelming financial responsibilities that keep piling up, I myself am begging?

Perhaps not the right meaning with this card but I tended to see cooperation here. The way the figures are, like a mechanical bank, where things move around and up and down, giving and receiving, reminds me a bit of the Wheel of Fortune, up and down, moving in time as things must.



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