Selfless Friendship Unto the End

Daily Draw May 14th, 2013

I am getting butterflies for this wedding we are going to. It’s a happy event but also a bit sad because of underlying matters of health for the groom. Plus a dear friend of my sister’s is dying and she and her husband are flying in to say goodbye to her as well. I know the woman who is dying, an active and vibrant person, a great artist, it’s very sad. I used to visit her when I was a teenager so she goes back a long way in my life too.

2 OF CHALICES – Harmony (2 of cups)


How apt, the yin and yang symbol in a cosmic background. This card is generally about friendship to me rather than romantic love, but it is about deep connection and companionship.

The booklet talks about artistic affinity and selfless friendship, which immediately reminded me of the situation with my sister’s old friend dying and friends that stick by you, ever supportive, just there, wrapping themselves around you as you ready yourself for death.

This card also reminds me of the balance of the body and how much better I have been feeling this week because of eating properly. Everything connects and intertwines, the balance of health is about basic things like eating and getting enough sleep. I have been careful because I want to feel good for the wedding, but there is no reason why I can’t be careful and feel good every day.

I can feel my body humming and I feel more like myself as a result, another nod to the integration of this card.



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