Kali Red and Hypatia White

Daily Draw May 13th, 2013

My knee is quite inflamed and swollen from painting so I’m just taking it easy with three days to go until the wedding we are attending. I put some books on hold at the library but they won’t be in until tomorrow or the next day. I am restless and have so much to do, it is frustrating to have knee problems.

However, I did get my necklace and earring set finished for the wedding so that’s one thing off the list. My cat that has inflammatory bowel disease is sick again. He was doing so well on his new food and probiotics and then got diarrhea late Saturday that continues. That’s a worry.

I need some Portable Fortitude!

8 OF DIAMONDS – Protection from Kali Yuga


Interesting that Hypatia should come up since I am antsy about having something to read and getting books from the library. She was the last librarian of the fabled library at Alexandria. She was also a mathematician and philosopher and seems to embody learning and reason to me. She was murdered by Christians for some political reason, although she wasn’t involved in the larger dispute. People always need a target.

Kali Yuga is not the goddess Kali but the demon Kali and also refers to a period in time where there is a lot of strife and discord in the world. Some say we are in that age now but some say it has passed into another yuga.

In any case, due to the horrible death of Hypatia, they seem to go well together. Reading and being quiet will protect me from strife. My husband left a message with the contractor’s wife about our floor. He is now on another job but hopefully since we are withholding final payment he will get to us soon.

Yup, protection from strife and discord sounds good.




2 thoughts on “Kali Red and Hypatia White

  1. I took a little time off today, and am not feeling so bad about it. Daz has had a cold and Mum has got it. I have got a sore throat and ears, so I am just ‘as I am’ today. I feel funny without anything to do but I am telling myself it is ok.

    Oh, I didn’t realise it so was so near to the wedding.

    I am glad you have withheld payment. Kate’s parents didn’t do that when they had their extension built and had so much trouble with the builders coming back to finish jobs.

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