The Smell of Pines and Cedars in the Dew

Daily Draw May 12th, 2013

I OF CUPS (Ace of Clubs, Ace of Hearts)


I laughed when I read the description of the Ace because irises are a Japanese symbol for a warrior and grow in abundance, and I was just talking about being a warrior in my last draw. I like the dragonfly too, they mean summer and heat and growth and the buzz and light of the garden to me.

In general this card means happiness and joy, all the good emotions; abundance, like the abundant irises. I love irises and we have several beautiful varieties in our garden.

The chariot is a palanquin, and the person being carried is somewhat hidden from view. This made me laugh too, as if I was moving forward and being helped but was hiding. Perhaps a bit of trepidation there?

The actual story involves Japanese warriors (!!!!) disguising their armour in the robes of pilgrim priests, defeating some demons and rescuing the women the demons were stealing. There is the suggestion that trickery and cunning can augment your physical prowess for success.

The meaning in the Ukiyoe Tarot is not exactly as I think of The Chariot, it’s about overcoming adversity or escaping from something, maybe urgently gaining control of your emotions. I think the inner strength of a person can be something not visible to the world, yet it’s there, sitting behind the screen of the palanquin and waiting to be used.

Focus on goals, don’t be discouraged by apparent obstacles. Purposeful action, but the sense of protection or hiding stays in my mind. I think I have to protect my energy and physical strength while painting and cleaning the house up. I have been frazzled by emotions lately, notably fear and worry, and it gets tiresome, wears me down, hence the urgency of setting limits and gaining control over emotions. Getting rid of these demons would be nice.

I notice that while feeling tender from painting, I am still getting it done, and it takes the focus away from pain. I drew this card back in February with the Tarot of the Absurd, and a similar suggestion came up of being too busy to obsess about chronic health problems. I really like this idea.

It’s funny, an Internet fellow way back in late 2001 pulled The Chariot card for me from the Thoth deck, and that’s what got me to buy my first tarot deck, the Zerner Farber with its lovely fabric collages. It was a start to something different in my life and creative opportunities, so when I pull The Chariot I think of things opening up and new opportunities, places to go, the fresh air of the dawn and setting off, the smell of pines and cedars in the dew.



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