Cliff Jumps Off the Day Moon Chaos

Daily Draw May 5th, 2013

I put a coat of primer on a spot in the cupboard that the plumber had to cut out for a repair. I had every intention of putting a coat of white on that cupboard today but bogged down in trying to troubleshoot a printer problem. I needed to do that because I designed a nice laminated insert to go with the painting I bought as a wedding gift. I cleaned the nozzles three times and aligned the print heads and finally got a decent print to laminate.

Then I bogged down on cleaning drawers and cupboards further, so that’s the way the day is going. Sometimes you just have to flow with the unexpected and accept that the previous plan is not going to fit into the day. My husband has just lugged two boxes of ceramics and some old baskets and a typewriter to the flea market in the hope that she will take them. That gets them off my bedroom floor at least.



From the wondrous Compass of Fate deck. Yes, these cards are two different colours! When I printed the deck I used three colours: green, teal and blue, to give the deck some interest. I just love this deck. Bless you Robert Kalin wherever you are, may you be happy and successful in life.

So, the chaos of the day moon came into my life. I laughed at this—how true today. I’ve got CDs and clothes and dishes and cutlery and appliances and boxes strewn about my living and dining rooms, waiting to go back into the hall closet and the kitchen.

It really does feel like a mountain of things to wade through and organize as I gaze over the cliff and think “My back and leg hurt already.” Still, if one chips away at things they gradually get done. I may not be able to rush around and organize in one day but three days from now it should all be done.

You do what you can under the Day Moon Chaos.



2 thoughts on “Cliff Jumps Off the Day Moon Chaos

  1. Danger, danger, Will Robinson! Spiff up one room and all the rest start looking grubby. It’s a horrible cycle.

    • I hear you, but I’m concentrating on closets for the moment as they seem more doable. I need to do an awful lot of decluttering before I can reach my third bedroom.

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