The Yantra, the Merchant Speculator, and the Peacock

Daily Draw May 4th, 2013

Well, a few more grouting jobs and baseboards and finishing details and my kitchen will be done. We had to get the electrician in to redo two wall switches that were illegal these days, but that’s done at least. We will be repainting at some point, but are cleaning and painting bedroom and hall cupboards before we get to the walls here. The story so far….




And the sunporch is getting a new floor to match the kitchen. My Christmas Cactus is blooming again. I rescued it from the library I worked at when they threw out all the old plants before a renovation. It must be 20 years-old or more; it was there when I started work at the library 19 years ago. A lovely thing, respected and loved in our house. I was discarded by the library too after 11 years, but this plant and I grow on, moving forward and enjoying the sun, repeatedly blooming.


For today’s draw I thought to mix the Mandala Oracle with that wonderful Italian Sybil deck i Misteri della Sibilla and its beautiful watercolours.

FOUR SEASONS YANTRA (with quote by Marie Curie)
KING OF DIAMONDS, Merchant, Traitor, Speculator, 79, 12


The mandala is actually a yantra with a quote by Marie Curie on the back. There are so many details in this under the seasonal trees. Spring has a peacock and peahen; Summer has a fruitful apple tree with a lion and what looks like a sphinx; Autumn has a two different bears; and Winter has a unicorn and a white stag with a cross between his antlers. There are clouds and the sun at the top, and the moon and stars at the bottom, and diagonally through the yantra is a flock of geese or doves. The Buddha-like figure meditating sits in the centre and knows.

He knows not to be fearful, good chap. I also like the thought of guardian animals and symbolism through the seasons and the general feeling of time passing as it should, moving through seasons, sacred symbols and the peace of life when you fear nothing.

I love the calls of peacocks. We used to have some peacocks on a farm down the road, and their haunting cries would sound throughout the day, and some interfering neighbour got up a petition to get rid of them. We refused to sign it, the peacocks stayed, and the neighbour died a horrible death from type II diabetes. Is there a lesson there that Nature wants us to understand? All the Spring songbirds are back now and doing their mating dances and checking out the little bird houses we have on the property. My garden is alive again.

The King of Diamonds is true to form in the realm of money. I would be wary of letting him speculate with YOUR money though as he could betray you, the traitorous wretch. The numbers on these cards are generally used for lotteries. We have to be very careful with our money to pay for this renovation, but sometimes you simply have to do things, and speculate on their future benefit. We discarded two giant green garbage bags of junk and sent 5 bags of clothes (some from the 1980s and never worn!) to charity. That felt good.

It is a fear and a sadness to move from somewhere you’ve lived for 26 years. I find it hard some days not be anxious and subtly saddened by the future. “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.” If we manage to escape this house and move next year it will be a bit of a miracle, but I wouldn’t mind such a miracle, if there are any unicorns about listening.




4 thoughts on “The Yantra, the Merchant Speculator, and the Peacock

    • Thanks Debra! I am classic, don’t like a lot of fuss and doodads. It feels good to have a floor again.

      Okay, tell the unicorns, alert them to get the miracle to happen!!!!

  1. It looks good! I really like the new floor. Yes, classy and classic.

    There are peacocks at D’s sister’s house, which come around and walk on the lawn in the morning.Quite strange to see a whole load of them standing on the front garden.

    Just thinking of the youngster who walks into the charity shop, only to find a whole load of original 80s clothes. There has been a big 80s revival on the highstreet over there for a few years. But nothing beats the original retro! Some young funkster is going to be very happy!

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