Rope in Those Spouting Emotions, Without a Hitch

Daily Draw April 29th, 2013

I’ve just got a bit of time to post before I have to shower and do the dishes and get ready for the contractor.

On Saturday I was browsing around online and realized that Robert Kalin’s web site was gone along with The Compass of Fate Mah Jongg cards he designed. There is an older edition available at Sloperama, but I have the 2005 edition, which is greatly improved.

UPDATE 2015: Bob kindly dropped by with an updated link where you can grab a printable version of the deck. Whew, the world is saved. Honestly, I like this deck so much.

It made me a bit sad as printing and colouring those cards was one of the things that kept me going after I lost my job so long ago. Bob is a clever man and a good artist. I regret that people didn’t latch on to his wonderful cards, or that a major publisher didn’t pick them up for publication.

2 East – Water – Guyser [sic]
8 West – Rope – Hitch


Regarding “guyser”: Bob had a rather charming way of misspelling things in this deck, but it’s part of its quirkiness. A geyser of water reminds me of a geyser of emotions. The rope and the hitch could be taken as hitching yourself to something good or encountering a hitch in life.

I think this is one of those ambiguous draws that could go either way; it’s about how you react to things. Acceptance and going with the flow, or fighting and tying yourself in knots about things that you can’t change. That’s the choice today. We often think of fate as something outside of ourselves, a mysterious force that imposes situations, but in fact we can usually decide our fate merely be deciding our reactions.

4 thoughts on “Rope in Those Spouting Emotions, Without a Hitch

  1. And didn’t I join that board to get hold of you and promptly lost my username and password. Good of you to drop by.

    Thanks for the link. I’ll update the main post with that link.

    I see you have joined the dreaded Facebook Bob. Brave soul, navigating social media. I lasted 10 days on Facebook back in 2009 or something before fleeing.

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