Anchors Away

Daily Draw April 28th, 2013

It’s a bit frazzling to do a home renovation. The worst of it is coming this week when he puts the tile floors down because we have to move the appliances into the living room and all the stuff off the sun porch and not use that area while the cement and tiling and everything sets and cures. This cuts me off from my basement too.

So, I had to take a break from worrying and make some beads for a wedding outfit yesterday. I realized it was bothering me that I hadn’t finished the necklace and earrings for my outfit and time was running out. I felt a lot better for starting that. I can work on it in the living room when the contractor is here.

3 OF BLADES (3 of Swords)


Another refreshingly different card from Jessica Shanahan. I belong to the “No, no, no, not the stabbed heart on the 3 of Swords!” group. I can’t stand it when people follow the conventional Rider-Waite depiction on this card.

Clipped wings or wings torn away from the body or pulling the body, but I was mesmerized by the lower anchor shape being cut, as if the person’s moorings were sliced away. There is also the suggestion of a forked tail there, reminding me of the Devil, and the bitter, obsessive thoughts connected to this card.

It can also be a card of great release and moving somewhere else: you float when the anchor goes. The idea that an experience can be painful yet beneficial is here. Let it go.

Good thoughts for this day.




7 thoughts on “Anchors Away

  1. The image is lovely, all those curls and swirls… it seems to me a spot-on representation of getting lost in mental pain. I also like your interpretation of the 3 of swords as a release. It’s one of those cards I struggle with finding a positive spin. I’ll think about that next time I get it.
    On the other hand, I don’t mind the stabbed heart image. The symbol has a definite Catholic feeling about it (the Sacred Heart comes to mind). It is said that the Virgin Mary had 7 swords crossing her heart for things related to Jesus’s life. I can’t remember all of them, I’m a very lapsed Catholic girl. 😀

    • Ah yes, the sacred heart. I didn’t realize until I did a study of the Tarot of the Saints that there is a sacred heart of Jesus AND a sacred heart on Mary in Catholicism. I enjoyed learning that.

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