Leaping Terriers Liza Jane!

Daily Draw April 25th, 2013

This is it, the long imagined day. We have been in this house for 26 years and the whole house needs serious repairs. Today is the magic day when the contractor comes to do the kitchen. He says he will have the cupboards in and the plumbing re-jigged at the end of today as he is bringing another contractor to help.

Last night I cleared the last of the cupboards, and was zooming around to the point where my knees became very painful so I have to be careful today. We had an electrician in to fix some wall sockets, and he is coming back today to finish the job after buying some special switches . All the niggly things that we have lived with all these years will be fixed in the next couple of weeks.

VII of Dogs (7 of Clubs; 7 of Wands)


He reminds me of how worries are like the yapping of a small dog, running through your mind, causing irritation. This little leaping terrier is realizing his ideas successfully and overcoming problems. Triumph over difficulties!

Way to be little guy. Soar and leap and fetch those new ideas.



2 thoughts on “Leaping Terriers Liza Jane!

    • He’s pretty good, but could only do half a day today because he had to travel for 2 hours to switch up the wrong cupboard size for the correct size. So he got the two final cupboards up and a wall of tiling up but not grouted.

      The electrician came by early to finish his work so that’s all done and up to code. Just 2 dumb wall switches that some guy had rigged to work safely but after 44 years definitely not up to code.

      I asked him a bunch of questions and there are 3 things to finish so I showed him the list I made of the issues, so he is aware I will be checking it out. 😉

      The plumber we had in yesterday was worth his weight in gold. Top-notch job and solution to our problem. I was impressed and told him so.

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