Shepherding Movement in Many Ways

Daily Draw April 22nd, 2013

I’m all a-twitter, the contractor called and he will be in one day this week to start, he just has to pick up our kitchen counters. Today we are moving two bookcases which are right under the pipes for the kitchen sink. I don’t want to take any chances on them getting wet, so we have to move them about six feet over. They are heavy so will take a bit of work to take the books out and move them, but I’m also able to wash the floor and do a general clear-out in that room so that will be good.

QUEEN OF DOGS (Queen of Clubs, Queen of Wands)


This is a shepherd dog, looking very alert, ready to bounce and play and move books I expect. I loved this remark in the Power Tarot book: “Spend money on your home, refurbishing, remodeling, whatever it takes to get it ready to sell. You won’t be staying where you are for long.”

They also say “You possess the energy and enthusiasm to create the life you desire.”

I believe that too. If only my back and legs would cooperate when I move them!



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