Passion and Communication

Daily Draw April 21st, 2013

I hate going shopping, but yesterday we had to go to the framer to get something framed for a wedding gift, and then I managed to get some decent clothes to wear to the wedding. Not perfect, but decent. You do what you can. It’s relieved me of a lot of anxiety and worry.



This is from the wonderful Animal Messages card deck by Susie Green, with illustrations by Csaba Pasztor. I realized when I got this deck out how much I like it. I have several animal-related decks in my collection and I prefer things like this with illustrations, although there are a couple of good photographic decks. I have been trying for years to get the Australian Animal Tarot but it’s out of print and way too expensive for me. Also the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck was one I fancied but couldn’t hunt up here in Canada.

CICO Books, the people who published the deck I’m using today, are coming out with a deck in late April 2013 called the Animal Wisdom Tarot which might be interesting. She has a stork and heron, a peacock, moth, otters, barn owl, donkey, all my favourites, plus it’s not an oracle it’s a tarot deck, so has more artwork. I’ve put it on my wish list.

Gosh, and Lo Scarabeo are coming out with a bunch of oracle decks in September, some that have animals. The Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards looks promising. I quite like these artsy, self-published Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz, but they are too expensive for me.

I seem to be ignoring Baboon’s rather overt sexuality and attempt to communicate. “Hiding your emotions will leave others unsure of your intentions and reluctant to reveal their feelings, which can only lead to misunderstandings and sadness.”

Hmmmm, time for a heart-to-heart with the spouse perhaps? Nope, don’t feel like it, just want to be quiet and inward today and think about animals and books and art. Plus, I have to pack away some stuff from kitchen cupboards. The spouse is going to continue ripping down wallpaper while I do that, so we’ll be together, but quietly.

Maybe in the companionable, quiet things, one can experience communication?



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