Reason and Write

Daily Draw April 19th, 2013

From The Cosmic Deck of Initiation (for which I still have to glue the circle book I made.)



She suggests that in this deck the card represents the characteristics and energy of this sign and how these give me understanding of the energies at work, or what direction to take, what lessons are being presented.

I knew two people quite well who were Scorpios and they were astute, watchful, very loyal and supportive, they excelled at reasoning. But if you let them down, they completely wrote you off. They were very dismissive of small talk and liked to relate to people deeply. These two were spiritual bordering on the mystic. One was my boss, an accountant and business mentor, and she was the one who gave me a book to read on Findhorn. They were both persuasive and could turn to manipulation, particularly the second fellow I knew, an Internet person. They also had a rather uncomfortable sexual nature, and I can see why the conventional write-ups for this personality speak of them sometimes going over-the-top in that respect. Debauchery and ruin, alas, the Scorpio intensity sometimes delights in such things.

That’s not likely to happen to me since I am knitting a shawl.


In looking at this mandala, I see the outward whitish shapes….they look like pen nibs which makes me think of writing. The purple border like a barrier, where the pen nibs can’t reach the vitality and intensity of the centre. A sign of blockage within me, that might be released by this Scorpio energy, by writing. I’ve been bothered by anxiety lately which is why I’m trying to relax and knit, but my sister suggested I could write down specifics so I could actually see what is bothering me rather than sitting with the general anxiety without knowing what’s going on.

This is the sort of detailed analysis a Scorpio would like. Logic, pros and cons, this and that, what direction to take, what you need to do. So that’s my energy for today.

Interestingly, I drew this card before with this deck, and thought of the same people in much the same way. Scorpio people are memorable. They can also be inspiring.



4 thoughts on “Reason and Write

  1. I’ve sometimes found writing about things helps. Often due to my looking back at what I have worried in a journal about a day or week or month later and realising that I have changed and that I am not worrying so much.

    Just a thought, but what about trying to describe your feelings through drawing or pattern or collage or colour? It might be a way of releasing and directing the anxiety. Maybe a non-perfectionist page in a book a week? Could be useful … and fun too 😉

    • Oh god, I tried to sketch a chickadee and didn’t do badly but it locked me up again because it wasn’t perfect. I am so locked up!

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