The Adaptable Harbinger of New Beginnings

Daily Draw April 13th, 2013

I had a dream where I was going next door to return our neighbour’s homework in a briefcase, and some fellow picked me up and drove me miles out of the way and I was supposed to get the homework to the neighbour in 15 minutes and I had to walk 40 minutes in the snow to get it to him. I woke up with terrible anxiety. Silly, but emotionally real in the body.

I of Birds (Ace of Cups)


This is the Quaker Parakeet, also known as the Monk Parakeet or Quaker Parrot. A gregarious chappie whose stick nests are often likened to apartment complexes. Originally from South America, he is quite adaptable and even has colonies now in the northern United States. I guess people who kept them as pets released them and they naturalized. Even in the famous Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, there is a colony of these birds. They were going to get rid of them but after chemical analysis, it was realized that their droppings were not detrimental to stone, unlike pigeon droppings which are, so they left them and they keep the pigeons away too. In Florida they estimate there are now about 100,000 of these birds in the wild.

Here they symbolize joy and lifelong friendship or love as well as fulfillment and contentment. Which reminds me of my husband whom I sometimes blame for our various problems, but it works both ways, and we are together for 37 years now, so who better to be friends with? Acceptance is part of love and friendship.

Because this card deals with beginnings, I have to keep in mind that any anxiety I feel now is transitory, and will enable us to have a new beginning next year. It has already started, I can feel that anticipation and hope like a small fire inside, and change often brings anxiety but it’s a natural part of life, everyone has it, you just take action and get through it.

Adaptable to new regions, like the Quaker Parakeet, I can roll with it, or fly with it in this case. He is saying “You will be fine, I adapted and so can you.”



4 thoughts on “The Adaptable Harbinger of New Beginnings

  1. Hi JJ–I’m following your reflections on getting your house ready to sell–we just bought our first house and it’s exhausting us already (!) Hope you’ll find a place you like better, maybe easier to get into town? xxx

    • Hi Debra, Yes, we are looking at places in a town. the miracle of MLS and Google Maps with their street view helps when you are looking at things 3,500 kms away.

      I know you bought a house! Plus I know you’ve been working hard to fix things in it. Whew, one day you will be able to relax. I still have the pics you sent of that house–it is magical and in a magical setting. So beautiful in that state, plus your artsy decorating is wonderful–you have the eye.

  2. Oh, 3500 km–no stress with that move, eh?
    But we’ve always liked moving (good thing, it’s been constant for 25 years)–new setting, new people, wakes you up. Now I wake up and do stuff like Painting the Fence.
    Those lovely Quaker Parakeets are absolutely forbidden in Hawaii, no exceptions. We have a lot of escaped pet birds that have colonized–some quite beautiful–but they squeeze out the native species.

    • Yeah, no stress AT all.

      I feel a Zen thing coming on. Before enlightenment painting the fence, after enlightenment painting the fence.

      Holy cow, I never thought but on an island it would be even more crucial not to introduce species. See what you learn from posting a card?

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