The Methodical Movement of Cats

Daily Draw April 10th, 2013

IX CATS ( 9 of Swords)


My scanner didn’t do too well scanning this card, it has trouble capturing the nuance of watercolour. Usually the 9 of Swords is about negative thoughts hammering at you. I call it the Daggers of the Mind card but Nakisha has an interesting take on it.

Here the cat is sitting in a basket of yarn, and Nakisha says it’s about perseverance, hard work, study and methodical repetition or organization. Which I suppose is what it’s like to get hold of your mind when anxiety gets hold of it. That cat looks a bit stubborn as if saying “This is my yarn and I’m claiming this bowl.”

I have had to go with a vegan diet again, which seems to be helping me move although not lessening the pain yet. “Yet” being the salient word there. Since I wasn’t able to move much in the last few weeks, it’s been hard to walk in the garden again, and when I do the pain flares up. But this card reminds me that repeating my little walks with the dogs in the garden, will get those muscles trained again. Perseverance with a better diet will eventually start to work, even if it takes months.

Yesterday I was quite anxious, speaking of daggers of the mind, and managed to get down on the floor to groom my Newfie dog in an effort to do something rather than sit in the chair and fret. We enjoyed it, she was lying right under the radio listening to Brad Mehldau play Highway Rider, one of our favourites, and I was gently teasing out her mats. That blew off some anxiety, and although my back and legs are stiff I think it also helps to use those muscles and get the body moving in a wider range. After I finished grooming her I lay down with my head beside her and patted and hugged her, giving her lots of kisses. That made us both happy.

Today I can keep this in mind and plug away, doing small jobs and laundry, moving in methodical repetition, thinking about perseverance.



2 thoughts on “The Methodical Movement of Cats

  1. I love the sound of that relationship you have with the dog. I’ve never had that. It’s not quite the same with a goldfish and a pair of nervous budgies.

    I think ‘plug’ is a great word. It’s what we both do. We plug at things, little and often. And I believe that plugging works.

    Here’s my wisdom for today – ‘Any plug, however small, is better than no plug at all’. 🙂

    • Another good one is “chipping away” and I did chip away at some things today. One of these days I’ll be caught up on laundry after putting in a new sump pump.

      One of these days…chip, chip, plug.

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