Rex and the Gingham Olive

Daily Draw April 9th, 2013

Oil, acrylic, and mixed media on wood, 16” x 24”
by Rex Ray


Things this could be:

1) A cherry, olive, and grape on a cocktail skewer, ready for a Singapore Sling or similar exotic drink.
2) A metaphor for young, virginal girls wearing gingham.
3) A snowman with various proportions, wearing a check scarf, and looking up at the sun, wondering if snow is in the forecast.
4) Mr. McCready, off to work in a new shirt, about to discover that in business, one never should wear a bright yellow shirt, checked or otherwise, especially when one has a large stomach.
5) A sumo wrestler standing against grass cloth wallpaper, readying himself for his next match, while contemplating lines and texture.

For me, they all fit, giving me awareness of how I can see what I want and think about what I want, and choose my thoughts and make the story go whichever way I want it to. Time for a gingham apple.

It’s my fifth anniversary here at WordPress. I deleted about 3 months worth of early posts for some reason. One of those posts explained why I call this blog Photon Stimulus, but it has gone, so I shall explain again why this is.

I drew a card from the Thoth Tarot when I used to keep a binder of draws and meditations, and the Prince of Cups got me going on a story way back on November 6th, 2004. I had gone into work and opened up, and another co-worker came in and asked me what I was doing there. Laws, I wasn’t scheduled to work, so I rushed out, knowing the spouse had driven off to pick up some decks for me at the tarot store 35 minutes north in another town.

I was desperately late and knew I’d missed him so rushed out running, but I heard a honk and there he was behind me. A woman had blocked his way and he had circled around again, otherwise I would have been hiking a mile to get home in the cold with only a short sleeved blouse on. Then we went to the store and had a nice visit and picked up some playing cards and the Karma Tarot. And here is the rest of it:

I’ve never pulled the Prince of Cups before but he sure looks like he’s having fun. Good thing the eagle circled around again to pick him up. Lots of energy, he’s steaming with elasticity. It’s a blue sky kind of day.

We’ll just see what Science has to say about it all and pull a card from the Scientists card deck…and I pick the 6 of Clubs which depicts Albert Einstein and features the Photon Concept of Light/Photoelectric Effect.

Okay, so I was a photon today, moving at the speed of light when I thought the beloved had taken the Jelocipede to the tarot store without me. I was steaming down that street in alarm, I was a massless particle of elasticity, time meant nothing to me and fortunately my husband was going slow or he might not have seen me, since if he too was moving at the speed of light, I would not have existed.

I am the Blue Photon of Light, eagles are my companions this day in my volatile element.

Uncle Al always knows the score.

Sigh, I used to be like this. Good memories.



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