The Palette of Life: Choose a Different Colour

Daily Draw April 1st, 2013

I laughed when I looked at the date. My Mom used to do April Fool jokes and she was so good at it that I never twigged.

My aunt died this week after having Alzheimer’s for some time. She was definitely a one-of-a-kind person, a social activist and keen traveller, someone who demonstrated and got involved, and so different from our side of the family in these ways. My Dad is her brother, and he is having trouble eating now and slipping away from us in his mind, as she did. Sad times for us all.



I feel guilty lately, with people in the family being ill, to focus on myself and my health problems. It makes me feel self-centred. The figure on this card reminds me a bit of Narcissus staring at himself in the pool. This card says that I am okay and that what I am doing is good enough. If you make mistakes and get off-track it doesn’t mean you aren’t as good as others, it just means no one is perfect and that’s fine.

I’ve been getting a lot of brown cards this week. I am not a fan of browns and yellow and I was reminded of this when I was doing some test colour swatches in my new sketchbook yesterday. Some of the yellow and brown pencils had never been used!


It might be a reminder, like the different way my Aunt lived her life, to break out and do things differently, use a bit of brown and yellow, experiment and get outside myself and reflect on something else.



5 thoughts on “The Palette of Life: Choose a Different Colour

  1. Sorry to hear your bad news.
    It does make me happy for you that you’ve picked up your watercolours again, using your creativity is good for the soul. Use burnt sienna, it’s a light colour with the warmth that sometimes yellow lacks.

    • I use burnt sienna but find it a bit orange-y! No pleasing some people, eh? 😉

      I once did a tarot bag where I painted a representation of a card from the Mary-El Tarot, and I could tell the original artist had used raw umber or similar in oil paint and all I had was burnt sienna in the fabric paint, but I plowed on, toning it down with black but it wasn’t quite right.

      But I do like burnt sienna rather than some of the browns. Thanks for your thoughts, I like to hear what other people do.

  2. Sorry to hear about your aunt. And try not to feel guilty; there is always going to be someone worse off somewhere. It doesn’t mean your problems are any less in your life. I feel like this with my fatigue, but then I remember that it is my fatigue and that we all respond to things differently.

    I don’t think I ever really thought much about browns and golds until you and I became friends, hehe. But now, I see them through your eyes and they feel gloopy and sickly. Maybe there are ways of pulling them out and making them sit nicely with other colours. I sometimes like brights with browns – such as vivid pinks and yellows. Has a 70s vibe to it.

    And I agree with Cosmic Carrot about creativity. Did you see the quotes by Jeanette Winterson on my post the other day? I was thinking about you and I when I typed the creativity one up and how creative projects bring such highs to us.

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