Crab Waves

Daily Draw March 30th, 2013

I have been getting four or five hours of sleep for a few nights because my legs have been torqueing again. The muscles in my neck, back and legs are having a time of it. They were fine for a few weeks and then they start again and I get no peace at all. I wish I knew what set them off, stress in some way probably and worry. I never realized before how much benefit a good eight or nine hour sleep could be.



This is one of the nicest cards in this deck. I think it’s the contrast I like. Lately when I see cookery shows using crabs and cooking them while they are alive, I have had to stop watching, I find it so appalling.

I had all my art techniques books out on botanical drawing last week, gearing up for Spring and doing some sketchbook work, and one of the books that has tutorials for coloured pencil uses a solvent all the time to dissolve the coloured pencil. I don’t get it, why not just use watercolour? I don’t like chemical solvents and don’t understand why an artist would choose to use them.

Crab doesn’t understand either, he enjoys nice, fresh water and the fresh air of the sea. There are 6,793 known species of crab worldwide. Crabs are active and patrol a lot, waving their pincers and drumming or thumping territorially. They move sideways and backwards while patrolling, so despite their shells, they seem flexible in their movements.

I know my chronic muscle tension is a protective measure by my body. I used to call it the fight or flight response, but my naturopath reminded me that it is really fight or flight or FREEZE. I am a freeze type, I sometimes feel like a calcified remnant of life. Crab wouldn’t freeze, he would constantly move every which way patrolling, he is a dancer.

I just went to the web site of the artist of this desk, Mindy Lighthipe, and she has had a terrible time of it lately. Her mother and two other family members died, and another person she knows is fighting cancer. Through it she has tried to keep her sanity with counselling and her artwork, but both are a struggle.

Art really is a healing thing for emotions. I know someone who is training as an art therapist. Life and raising a child have kept her back a bit but she will eventually finish her degree and help homeless people and those with mental health issues through art. We need it even more with our dependency on machines, our ability to zone out and forget what’s going on around us, the way computers and phones destroy our concentration and peace. Our lack of awareness and care for the natural world is counteracted by art and artists like Mindy Lighthipe and one of my favourite artists, Lorena Moore.

If you look at my other blog, you will see that I am struggling to retain some art in my life, despite my pain. I must look to the Earth and water like Crab, stand on my rock, and feel the warmth of sun on it, dancing in cloud-sky light.



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