Toward Better Things

Daily Draw march 21st, 2013



Ah, the Darby and Joan of the Tarot.

When you’ve found someone special you have to treasure that. This is a pleasant thought for the day.

We are going ahead with our small kitchen renovation. We have white bevelled subway tiles for the backsplash. A dark black countertop shot with a bit of grey/blue and taupe, and taupe ceramic floor tiles. I didn’t get a snap of the cupboards but they are MDF in white with a raised panel. Nice but nothing fancy.


I suppose I should be excited but I’m not. We hope to sell up in 18 to 24 months so it’s really just getting things ready for resale so we can begin retirement. Still, it will be nice for us during the remainder of our time here to have a nice kitchen.

Hopefully we are like the couple on the card, walking off together, starting a better life.

I am suffering for my dental visit yesterday as it has set off my jaw and neck pain and some acute back and leg pain, so a quiet day here reading a book called Wild Coast: Travels on South America’s Untamed Edge by John Gimlette, which is about various regions of Guyana, its history, and is a good tie-in with reading Eduardo Galeano.

Gimlette mentions that Evelyn Waugh stayed in Guyana in the 1930s and wrote a scathing book about it so I’m off to look that up along with a Waugh book Gimlette calls “a masterpiece” that also came out of this trip: A Handful of Dust.

World exploration through reading….



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