Of Floors and Staves

Daily Draw March 19th, 2013

I meant to draw from this deck yesterday but we had a meeting to discuss some samples with our contractor, and firmed up some kitchen renovation details so I was pretty frazzled after that. This is a tiny kitchen, but it still costs money to get these necessary things done.

I fell asleep in the chair last night and when my husband was late getting home because of a snowstorm I started getting worried. He referred to it as a “white knuckle drive” and I then started worrying in bed about the ceramic tiles in the kitchen and sunporch being so heavy that the floor gives way. This happened to me two years ago about a bookcase being so heavy that the floor gave way, and I had a panic attack about that one. So this time I could feel that building up but managed to drift off to sleep.

So this morning I was curious as to what psychological meaning anxiety about floors giving way could have. According to one mention it is about feeling a sudden lack of support. I also feel it might indicate that worry or a burden of some kind is too heavy and you feel you’re going to crash or lose your footing. All these things.

I seem to get these feelings at the end of winter, after I’ve been trapped inside for some months and we are getting more snow this week exacerbating my feelings of being trapped. So today’s draw is about that.



One of the reasons I love this deck is its emphasis on healing, nature and meditation. I have never been much interested in divination and the occult so prefer to use my cards for daily insights and meditation or writing.

The Four of Stones would be what I would conventionally call the Miser Card, some crabby old soul keeping things to himself, keeping anyone from getting close, or sharing. I absolutely love the take on it here, where a gentle fawn curls up among the protection of stones. Emotional safety is something we need, certainly after a lifetime of worry and trials and ups and downs. You must keep faith that the sun will rise again as it does on this card, bringing warmth and peace. The book refers to being spiritually wounded, weak and vulnerable with this card, and that is how I feel when this anxiety rears up verging on panic.

The Three of Bows is a card of waiting or observing to me. Waiting for a ship or traveller, having patience and balance. I like the way this figure seems anchored to the Earth with bare feet and freshly cut staves. The bow staves look like a gateway, so you let power flow in and flow through you. Trust, confidence, and security from within, inner security and joy.

“This combination of balanced energy and intellectual focus enables the mastering of any situation and allows the enrichment of success by being both at one with the environment and its inhabitants.”

No floor is going to give way under this figure, that’s for sure. Nor will it give way under me.




2 thoughts on “Of Floors and Staves

  1. I hope the snow melts away soon! I love the power and beauty of nature represented in the Wildwood deck, and I use it often for readings. It’s a great deck choice for really “earthing” any excess energies or anxieties. It brings me back to a really elemental way of living and looking at situations.

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