Tenacious Swimmer

Daily Draw March 13, 2013

My husband is on a different shift this week and neither one of us is sleeping well. I have different back pain this week so switched to acetaminophen for a few days which often softens the nerve pain when aspirin doesn’t. I don’t use it too often as I don’t want to kill my liver but any help is good.



I love the way this illustration just leaps out, I like Sue Lion’s artwork. Come wolf, come swimmer.

Hmmm…let my pilgrimage transform me. I have a friend in South Africa who has friends that train to walk the Camino. She doesn’t fancy going, but it was one of my dreams to do that, and I fear I will never walk again, let alone be able to hike 22 kms per day on the Camino. Still, wouldn’t it be lovely to start all the way in France and walk down into Spain? I who never travel anywhere and can’t sleep when other people are in the room and wake at every noise. I take my playing cards out with the photographs of churches and statuary and maps of this pilgrimage route and dream, dream of being the person who could walk this.

Healing is a discouraging thing. I truly believe we can heal, we can flip the switch in the brain, we can access something we have no understanding of and heal fully. Believing something and practicing it in the way you think and make your way through the day are definitely two different things. Still, I think we can inspire each other. When you are in pain and have little energy, sometimes it’s a bit of colour or art or cheer on someone’s blog that can help.

I observe many people past middle age with health problems and worries overtaking them, feeling that life is over. I think to myself “These are the golden years?” What happened to the feisty people of the world who rode their bikes, and loved to swim, and hiked and zoomed around learning new things, making things with confidence and opening businesses?

They are on pharmaceuticals, dreaming of walking the Camino and swimming upstream to home.



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