Squirrel in the Sink

Daily Draw March 6th, 2013

Hey another plumbing problem! This time in the kitchen sink, which was re-plumbed and supposedly fixed a couple of years ago. I am still waiting for a thaw to see if my new laundry sump pump is going to work or if we have to rip up the lawn and replace the drainage bed and tank. At the minute I can’t do laundry—I was going to attempt a small wash today and see if it drained okay but after mopping up a bunch of water under the kitchen sink at 1 a.m. I think I’ll wait.

One of my dogs kept throwing up all day and I’ve got blankets to clean. Yikes, all this is keeping me awake. I’m shivering to death in a short summer nightie because my nice flannelette one got soaked mopping up the kitchen, and my other nightie is in the wash which I can’t do. Time for a hot water bottle.



Plan for the future reminds me that every home repair and upgrade we do now will help us sell the house after retirement. I have been so frazzled for the past couple of months that most of the time I’ve been knitting, which is a kind of play I suppose. I need to work, I need to do laundry actually. I might have to get the spouse to drive us into town to use the laundromat and do a couple of loads there.

Dear Mr. Squirrel, captain of preparedness and activity: I am tired and cold. But mostly I am just plain tired out and feeling old and sore. Time for some activity hand washing undies and socks in the sink? Yeah, but it better be the bathroom sink, all my other sinks are unavailable.

2 a.m. and I shall have another try at sleeping. Don’t spring a leak bathroom sink while I fill my hot water bottle.


4 thoughts on “Squirrel in the Sink

    • That’s my master plan–lure people into the blog expecting extraordinary photographs of rodents, and then they have to endure my whining about our perennial plumbing problems!

      I see it worked.

        • Actually, my old washing machine was a top loading machine where you could lift the lid and it wouldn’t stop, so I used to lift the lid to check on whether everything was distributed properly and covered by water and I swear the thing used to say stuff to me. Like my printer saying “chia pet” to me for instance.

          Oh boy, I sound like an absolute nutter. Perhaps you have to be tuned into the rhythm of the Universe for machines to speak to you? Last week something said “Manizibar” to me but I can’t remember which machine it was.

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