Jimmy and Gentle Rain

Daily Draw March 5th, 2013

From my postcard collection, this particular one is from a bundle from Pomegranate:

James Dean (American, 1931-1955)
Photograph by Roy Schatt


Without his portfolio of James Dean photographs and other celebrities, we might not remember Roy Schatt. He’s an interesting guy though. Before he took up photography he studied painting and was a graphic artist/illustrator. Schatt did some acting and like several of the actors he photographed, he was keen on Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting, and similar to that method, Roy Schatt looked for the deeper emotion, the “unguarded moment” in his photography.

You can see in this photograph his ability with available-light photography, which was another favourite technique of his and somewhat Rembrandt-like. Edward Steichen, my photography hero, chose one of Schatt’s photographs for the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Roy Schatt at Find a Grave:

I’ve had a song going through my mind because I often hear a version of it by Emilie-Claire Barlow on the radio. Lots of people have covered this song, it was created by Brazilian composer Luiz Bonfá with lyrics in Portuguese that were translated into English by Matt Dubey. It goes well today with this photograph of Jimmy.


We both are lost and alone in the world
Walk with me in the gentle rain
Don’t be afraid, I’ve a hand for your hand
And I will be your love for a while

I feel your tears, as they fall on my cheek
They are warm like the gentle rain
Come little one, you’ve got me in the world
And our love will be sweet, very sweet

Come little one, you’ve got me in the world
And our love will be sweet
Very sweet, very sad
Like the gentle rain
Like the gentle rain




2 thoughts on “Jimmy and Gentle Rain

  1. Oh, Jimmy.

    The playing card deck I have of James Dean is all by Schatt I think. I remember looking him up when I got it. But I don’t think I have seen this one before. It’s more of a portrait than the street shots in the deck, where he is clowning about. I like it. There is a maturity and sadness to this one, don’t you think? It’s personality reminds me of those old crying child pictures from the 70s. Just something in the mood. Very haunting-

    • I immediately thought of your playing card deck when I pulled this postcard out and wondered if your deck used Schatt photos.

      Lighting is so important in photography–that haunting quality in paintings and photographs is hard to do.

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