In Which I Contemplate Ignoreland

How fitting that the card that originally got me to buy my first tarot deck comes up today.


I resolve to interrupt the signal. The Chariot and I are going on a journey for a bit. I loved this from the Power Tarot book:

“A chronic health problem improves significantly and part of it is due to the fact that you’re too busy with other things to obsess about it.”

I’m not up to talking, so having another type of journey. I have just started Faces and Masks, the second book in Eduardo Galeano’s Memory of Fire trilogy. So glad I picked this set of books up again.

See you some time.



4 thoughts on “In Which I Contemplate Ignoreland

  1. We move in and out of things, like stitches. And that’s good. Eduardo Galeano will revitalise. I hope. I like that quote from the Power Tarot book.

    Look me up when you and Ed are back from your journey 😉

    • Well, part of our journey was completed today as I finished the bloody tax return.

      For the rest of it I don’t know, Eduardo and I are adrift where we may for a bit.

  2. If you turn the card wheels-down, you will see that the angel is driving a flaming stretcher. He is ill. The journey is not easy. The little ball by his toes is a horn to get people out of his way. I’ve never told anyone this before. It was drawn for someone I love. I’m afraid to tell him I drew it for him.

    • Oh my…..that is fabulous. I should have thought to turn the card when the figure looked very straight on that support. I think your deck is something that might free people to look at things differently. I like that.

      Sometimes people don’t always need to know. If you’re afraid to say that might be wise, an intuitive knowing that is good protection for you both.

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