The Big Teapot of Tears, Strapped to My Head

Daily Draw February 21st, 2013

Oh boy, we are having a time. they sent Stitch home because he was so upset at being at the vet. He ate and drank and several hours later got diarrhea and went into his carrier box that is stuffed with a handmade cushion and a fuzzy blankie. I never saw him after that but he has come down this morning and is in my lap with another blankie around him.


My other cat is spooked and wouldn’t come upstairs. It could be because the carrier box is out but I can’t get her to eat either. She’s down here now and keeps looking up the stairs and won’t let me pat her. Sheesh. I’d better put the carrier in another room.



That teapot reminds me that I broke my old teapot last week. It had an image of a cat and an Old English Sheepdog on it, and my husband bought it for me way back in the 80s.

I have a bit of a sense of lost youth here and those fish are emotions swimming toward me. I am carrying an enormous pot of tears on my head and I’m looking a bit worried. Pages are often young people and I thought yesterday about Pages and my cat so I’m not surprised to see a Page today.

I’m beginning to wish I’d gone to a different veterinarian, but we are already stuck in for $376 worth of tests and x-rays and other fees so I have to hang in. I shall have to swim in emotion for a time yet.


3 thoughts on “The Big Teapot of Tears, Strapped to My Head

  1. That is not sound fun at all.. Stitch is so sweet under the blanket! I really hope that the vet come up with a solution that will cure him and that fast! Sending love and healingthoughts to you and the cats<3

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