Stitch in the Warmth of the Sun

Daily Draw February 19th, 2013

My cat Stitch is down at the vet. They are keeping him in to do blood work, urinalysis, and a fecal exam. He definitely looks like his teeth are infected but he is so emaciated there might be an underlying problem, hence all the tests. He eats a lot and has energy but has lost two pounds and is down to six pounds so not good. He is only 8 years-old too so it is shocking to see him deteriorate.

I reach for the Tarot of the Absurd, because I trust that deck to tell it like it is about this situation.

19 – THE SUN


Stitch is my baby boy, so this is quite apt. The warm breath of The Sun embraces him, he is happy and content. I feel better knowing he’s being looked after by the woman who has been our vet for 24 years. I feel this looks good for health and healing. Cleaning, purifying warmth.

I just want to focus on that sweet little boy all curled up and safe.




6 thoughts on “Stitch in the Warmth of the Sun

    • Well, he’s back home as the vet had the day off. If possible he was even thinner but we managed to get some food and water into him.

      $376 later we are still waiting to hear what’s wrong and if he needs meds or surgery etc. Groan.

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