Stars Amid the Finks and Chimeras

Daily Draw February 18th, 2013

What a week, what a week. I have taken to calling my brain “The Fink Who Won’t Sleep” as he is keeping me awake. I cancelled an appointment at the naturopath in early March as I don’t feel she is helping me much and I’d rather spend $100 on yarn or patterns or something uplifting instead of a useless appointment.

I have been amazed at my patience, having wrangled unsuccessfully with my gauge in knitting for some years, I seem to have discovered some double knitting yarns that I can knit with, which gave me quite a lift. I am currently working on a nice little dress for my Maplelea doll and I printed out a paper piecing pattern last night to make a crazy patchwork bag to go with the dress. I have a knitting pattern for a purse but I wanted to do some embroidery, so I’m using bits of silk in the paper piecing. The knitted bag is going to go with a second dress I have planned with this pattern. The world of possibilities opens up when you get gauge. Imagine!!

I was waiting for a circular needle in the mail to finish off another doll dress I started and they have shipped my needle to I have high hopes for that. This will be my first time using a circular needle, and I learned a new way to cast on in the middle of a row of knitting. Learning new things was why I bought the doll for Christmas so this is fun.

I have some sewing patterns I bought for this doll on Etsy too so they should come this week. But I’m still quite down, it’s hard to keep the creative impetus going, but plans are better than mooning around doing nothing. Can you look at this and feel sad? Imagine a crazy patchwork purse with it. Now things are cooking again.




And to go with all this I pull a card from the Dreaming Way Tarot:



A card of hope. You may think you are pouring things out and depleting yourself, but you are actually allowing the possibility that they will mix and create a magical chimera.

You just never know. You are right where you need to be.



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