Inventions of the Mind, Away!

Daily Draw February 11th, 2013

I haven’t been feeling much like talking, so my blog suffers. February has been hard for me for the last three years as I don’t get out and I’ve injured myself a few times. Blah.



I rarely pull this card. There is lots of energy here but it’s like it is being directed to the wrong thing. So you are defending yourself or standing firm or simply getting interference that inhibits your action. In some ways this can be your own attitude or mind getting in the way, like a boxing at shadows paranoia.

This man looks so tense, so unbelievably pouring energy into that constant stance of readiness. I wonder if this is an awareness type of card where I’m being told not to expect February to be bad just because it was in the past? I also think this might point to my fear and worry over attending a wedding later this year. Oh yes, well make sure you ruin the ensuing months gearing up for that event with perpetual muscle tension and eye strain looking into the future!

Such a lot of tension and strength going to the invented situation, the shadows. Now, I must think of that energy going into some sewing and knitting projects I have lined up. I’ve been dithering (no, not you Jude!) and getting into a tizzy expecting it not to go right because the last little knitting project did not go well and I abandoned it. Not to mention the tension of cutting into fabric and using the sewing machine with my wonky knee.

It’s no wonder my knee is wonky, I’ve been holding this stance of tension for weeks. Come on fella, relax for crying out loud. Enjoy the small moments of fun in life, do something fun right now, today, and leave these other inventions away from you where they can disappear.




2 thoughts on “Inventions of the Mind, Away!

    • Never mind Jess, we will be able to get out of the house as soon as Spring arrives.

      It’s hard when you a little baby that is so dependent on you for everything. As wonderful as they are, they still need you every minute of the day during the first year or so.

      Better days ahead! I still haven’t heard from the vet about my cat but thanks for the good wishes for him.

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