The Man with the Almost Vermilion Scarf

Daily Draw February 6th, 2013

I am using an old favourite of mine and the third deck I ever owned. The third tarot bag I made was in trade for this deck from a lovely lady in Colorado for her Goddess Tarot. I eventually did a cross-stitched apple tree for the cover of my own bag for this deck, and on the drawstring is a small cloisonné turtle that my husband rescued from the garbage at his work.


I searched for years until I found the book as I wanted the information on what flowers were on the cards, but I also find a few notations about cards that are different too, so that was worth buying.



The Miser card looking appropriately crabby and clutching. What I noticed today was his lovely almost vermilion scarf. Vermilion was a very expensive pigment in centuries past so really signifies wealth along with his many rings. I loved in the book where Howard Rodway mentions that the headdress covers his ears, limiting his experience of surrounding influences. In other words, a stingy old cuss who is closed off in many ways.

I feel like that today, feel like pulling back and clutching a book to my chest and hiding. After mentioning it in a recent post, I have decided to commit to reading Eduardo Galeano’s Memory of Fire trilogy and am almost at the end of the first volume Genesis. It is a very fine book, and I can hardly wait to get into the second volume.

But basically, I just want to hug things to me and not bother with people. This chap has taken that a bit too far, so that’s his message today: “Don’t get too carried away.”



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