Coyote Sees You

Daily Draw February 1st, 2013

Happy February!



When I looked at this I thought of the Beatles song I’m Looking Through You because of the animal’s penetrating stare. Coyote is a survivor: as his territory diminishes, as the world changes, he adapts and survives. Opportunistic and versatile, he eats anything, he shifts with the earth, with the world around him.

Coyote is looking at me and telling me to adapt like him. I have to change because of serious health problems, and up until about a week ago only I was bothering in fits and starts, having dramatic health crashes and getting nowhere. My circulatory problems are creating intense pain, preventing me from sleeping, and pushing me toward diabetes and heart failure, and it’s quite frightening, frightening enough to cause me to change totally, to finally adapt to the situation.

I have a choice, I can adapt. I have control. To survive I have to change.

Coyote knows.



4 thoughts on “Coyote Sees You

  1. Live with pain is not easy! I know the feeling of getting absolutly nowhere, you just spinning around at the same place…But we can and we will reach our goals! Together we are strong !

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