Sing and Dance

Daily Draw January 31st, 2013

I spent all day Tuesday figuring out how to use my webcam and Skype because a relative has been bugging us for two years to get it. They live overseas, and I finally felt guilty enough that I went to a lot of trouble to set it up and sent him an e-mail to advise him of this and heard nothing back! So much for the imperatives of other people. Oh well, I learned something new.

I am feeling sick still so not up to much. Here is a nice card though:



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Eccentric erminois dweller.
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3 Responses to Sing and Dance

  1. mallow blossom says:

    what deck is this card from, I like it!

  2. mallow blossom says:

    Never mind, found the name – Heart Oracle Cards – see how excited I got!

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