Joe Juneau, the King of Cups

Daily Draw January 26th, 2013

For something different today I chose one of my transformation packs called the State by State Playing Cards, and I randomly mixed it with the Morgan-Greer Tarot.

I was delighted when I turned the cards over, to find how similar their backs are.




And they both deal with water, I am doing well today.

For some reason I became intrigued with why the capital was named Juneau and whom it was named after. I know Russia owned Alaska at one time so was puzzled how a French name got up there.

Congress designated the capital to be moved from Sitka in 1900 and eventually Juneau became the capital in 1906. It had a few names, but after a vote by local miners in 1881, they settled on naming it after prospector Joe Juneau. He was a miner and prospector from Quebec, looking to get rich on gold. He made some money but also spent it too, and eventually moved back to Canada in Dawson City, Yukon when we had our own gold rush during the 1890s.

He died in Dawson in 1899, but in 1903 they exhumed him and shipped his body back to Juneau to be buried, and his grave is in the Evergreen Cemetery should you wish to say “Klondike” to him. If you look on the Find a Grave site, you can see that they left a place marker for him in Dawson after moving him.

Joe bought a round of drinks for the men who voted for his name to be on the town of Juneau, and isn’t that just like the King of Cups?



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