Providence is a Good Word

Daily Draw January 25th, 2013

I am using the Infinite Tarot today which is really more like an oracle, and certainly non-traditional. The art is different, always a recommendation for me. It’s also a deck that is centred in spirituality rather than divination, which I also like.



I assume that the Sky suit might be associated with the element of air and the conventional Swords suit but they never actually say. Fives are always “bad” according to some people but not here.

Unity with God, spiritual growth, mostly this seems more like a guardian angel, an intermediary. I like this in the booklet: “…you witness protection and providence by mysterious and miraculous means.”

I could use that today as I’m having problems with a couple of nails. There is also mention in the book of breath and I’ve been doing some deep breathing in the last three days to try and relieve some of my chronic tension and get some peace at night. This angel brings tools for serenity, solutions, and guidance through the task at hand.

Good show. I’ll take that.




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