As if You Were the King of Wands and Pope Joan

Daily Draw January 20th, 2013

We are getting a snow storm today, but it seems to be settling down although the wind is really high. Yesterday it was nice and I was able to get out and replenish some crucial health supplements. I also managed to replace my rotary cutter ruler at a 50% off sale. My old one was held together with packing tape—not ideal for accurate measurement. I also got some cotton thread on sale, so instead of paying $4 per spool it only cost me $2.



These are from the Secret Tarot, one of my all-time favourite decks and the 12th deck I bought about 10 years ago.

I am so NOT a High Priestess type. Seeing her (she flipped out of the deck while I was dealing), I think it might be a “keeping things close to the chest” sort of day. She knows things but doesn’t tell. Think of dreams and the unconscious, the secret knowing, feeling your way with intuition.

The King of Wands is not my favourite as I associate him with a long-ago tarot acquaintance who was unpleasant. However, he also represents confidence and will, two things I lack lately. Any sort of fire I lack, I feel like I’m going uphill all the time. Plodding along following the odd impulse here and there.

I get the feeling that he’s telling me to just do things, no matter how I feel. It is true that sometimes if you act “as if,” the act generates the feeling you want. He is sternly telling me that today.

Perhaps that universal truth is what the HP is telling me about black and white opposites and choices too. Her robe forms an X which suggests crossroads or crossing polarities, switching things up, like moods and energies.


2 thoughts on “As if You Were the King of Wands and Pope Joan

  1. High Priestess is not one of my favorite cards as she often turns up when I feel I need some kind of an answer–and then there she is saying (or maybe even singing) “You’ll see…!” Wands are a suit that is close to me (Sagittarius/Fire). I find that acting “as if” is truly worth it, even though it is definitely hard work sometimes… ♥

  2. Yes, definitely hard work!! I got another card today with a similar prompt. I must listen Nat–I who am not very good at paying attention.

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