Lady Luck Drops By for a Chat About Change

Daily Draw January 17th, 2013



I didn’t realize that the Greek god goddess of chance or luck was called Tyche (pronounced tie-key with the stress on the first syllable.) Fortuna is the Roman goddess and usually I would know the Greek precursor, but not in this case.

Fortuna and her wheel again, turning, turning. I find the cornucopia over her shoulder interesting. It is filled with all the riches and resources we need. I like that “resources” implies that you use what she makes available to you, as a necessary action on your part rather than a passive receiving.

The changing seasons of chance, perhaps without your choosing, which is the main point in the booklet. Can you remain centred and integral, together, as you embrace change? Ceaseless change in the outer world makes us insecure, but the inner life remains stable if we choose and that can lead to good fortune.

I really see a huge shift in the world lately. Part of it could be a generational shift, part of it is technology changing the daily routines of banking and paying bills and reading and mail. Part of it is simply our own ageing, the death of friends and family, the death of beloved pets.

I do get anxious, it seems out of control, but Tyche reminds me that destiny might test me, but whether advantageous of adverse, if I embrace it, accept it, I will move and change too.

The stillness inside is not affected, it is always available.



2 thoughts on “Lady Luck Drops By for a Chat About Change

  1. Well, I haven’t visited in quite awhile. It’s so ironic…all day today I have been going about the house singing “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” from Guys and Dolls. I don’t know about embracing change, though. What’s wrong with hanging on to what works for you. I was perfectly fine with regular phone and regular tv. Now I have cell phone that costs a fortune and don’t like it much. I don’t like being tracked down and being expected to answer my phone or text message. My privacy has been violated. Screw that %$@!.

    Anyway, not all change is good. So why should we have to embrace it? I guess it’s just the rebel in me that fights the norm. Always have, always will…

    Good to be reading your blog again!!

    • Hi Ann, I have seen you commenting on PLNs blog, so I knew you were around the ether somewhere.

      I was singing Luck Be a Lady Tonight too!!. They are doing Guys and Dolls at the Shaw Festival this year–I’d love to see it. Can’t do it though, so I’ll have to watch the movie if I can find a copy.

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